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Brooks Bags
A New Hampshire non-profit foundation and registered 501 (c) (3)

Providing for Children & Families around New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Our Mission

Brooks Bags was founded to provide clothing and other essential items to children and families in need throughout New Hampshire's Lakes Region and surrounding communities. Brooks Bags supports underprivileged children and families who experience financial hardship or have been displaced from their homes. Brooks Bags is available to help all children and families in need with both dignity and compassion.  

Shelby Patterson, Worship Director

Rachel loves people, not just with her words, she loves with her whole self and consistently seeks to enrich the lives of others through acts of service and kindness. She is a picture of God's love in the way she comforts others.;

Darla DaSilva, Children's Ministry Volunteer

Rachel has found her purpose in volunteering and donated much of her limited time to a charitable organization providing families and displaced children with necessary items. She is committed to helping families and children in need. She instantly makes people feel loved, safe, and hopeful.

Tina Preciado, Director of Fostering Ministry

This is a great community outreach and wonderful resource. Thank you, Rachel for providing such an amazing resource to your community. 

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